Brunate Vineyard

Rich and Persuasive with the Scent of Truffle

The original and most common name that defines these La Morra vineyards is Brinate.  This vineyard extends for 25 hectares, or 60 “giornate piedmontese”, and faces the south.

The lower sand levels in the soil result in aromas that are less intense, but feature notes of fruit and spices such as clove, cinnamon and nutmeg.  As the wine matures, the fine structure of the terrain translates into hints of tobacco, rose and liquorice.  And in great vintages, the nose has notes of truffle and tar.  Alkalinity and elevated calcium levels give the final wine a touch of delicate elegance.  In addition, the high levels of silt and clay with micro-elements of potassium and magnesium give a less intense and bright color, but offer up a remarkable polyphenolic concentration.

The Barolo of Brunate can be defined as a particularly balanced wine with an ample nose and an intense structure with good alcohol levels, as well as, generous tannins and body.

Technical Characteristics

Town: La Morra
Total Area of Subzone:  25 ha
Leased Area:  0.63 ha
Average Elevation:  300 m above sea level
Exposure: South
Soil:  25% sand, 45% silt and 30% clay
Details:  The lower levels of sand in the soil give Brunate Barolo less intense fragrances with notes of fruit and spices such as clove, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Planted:  1980