Cerequio Vineyard

Complex, Rich Aromas of Liquorice, Tar and Dried Rose

Cerequio is a beautiful amphitheatre of vines facing almost completely south.  The climate is very good, protected from cold, northern winds by the tall La Morra hill.  There is a group of abandoned houses at the centre of the property which retain a certain charm juxtaposed by the marvelous vineyards laid out in levels along Barolo, Castiglione Falletto and Monforte.

This magnificent vineyard of approximately 22 hectares has rather loose soil with a composition of predominantly silt and clay.  It is a deep terrain which favors the production of structured, tannic wines that are more powerful than those from Brunate.  Over time, the Barolo of Cerequio develops complex and rich aromas dominated by notes of liquorice, tar, dried rose and truffle.

Technical Characteristics

Town:  La Morra
Total Area of Subzone:  22 ha
Area Owned:  0.57 ha
Average Elevation:  320 m above sea level
Exposure:  East/Southeast
Soil:  20% sand, 50% silt and 30% clay
Details:  The soil depth and the greater access to water favor the production of wines which are structured, tannic and powerful.
Planted:  1990